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In-Spirit (Inspiration)

December 20, 2022

I ran across a powerful meme today that said "Pay attention to whatever inspires you, because it is Spirit trying to communicate with you... In-Spirit". This meme itself inspired me to write this today. So many people pull the negative from social media. I chose to pull the positive. There are so many power-ful good, positive, amazing mood enhancing, AND yes Inspirational messages of love, compassion, kindness, EMPOWERMENT, etc. You just have to look through a lens that will allow you to see these things. What is your "lens" like? Do you see and experience all the amazingness around us to be grateful for or do you soak in the negativity? I hope this post inspires you to see and receive all the positivity around you today and every day. Be good to yourself and each other.

~ Mary Baca, Owner of Allies For First Responders

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