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About Us

At Allies For First Responders, we are primarily exactly that, a collaboration of professionals and peer support who believe strongly in advocating for our first responders in a variety of ways. We realize police, fire, EMS, those in emergency communications, and corrections are a unique culture, and because of that their needs are to be taken into special consideration.


Together we provide specialized trainings for mental health, holistic practitioners, and other professionals who have a desire to provide services to first responders. Typically we involve police, fire, EMS, Dispatchers/911 Operators, and Corrections who are on our training team to deliver these trainings which is a powerful collaboration indeed! Included in our service delivery are also direct services like counseling and holistic services for first responders and their families.

We also are aligned with a strong network of other agencies and organizations who believe in the same mission - that police, fire, EMS, Dispatchers/911 Operators, and Corrections are vital to our safety and overall well being. Therefore, we value each and every individual retired or active, volunteer or paid men and women who dedicate their lives to helping and protecting the public each and every day. Likewise we're grateful to their families whom without their support, it would be difficult to do their jobs.

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