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Couples Peer Support

Cody & Brissa Childers

Cody and Brissa met in 2012 as neighbors. They blended a family of five children together and married in 2015.  
Currently they reside near Longmont, CO.

Cody has an extensive history in law Enforcement (special teams, joint task forces, instructor,  etc) and EMS. After serving for many years, Cody is now involved at the law enforcement advisory board level and is certified in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for groups and individuals.

Brissa has a healthcare background as a medical assistant and medical assisting instructor. Brissa is a college educator, Apologetics leader, and author of published articles related to higher education.

Together they fight for their marriage, wrangle the kids and date each other often.  With a Biblical worldview they defend their marriage against the many life obstacles and communication barriers.


Ruben & Elise Padilla

Ruben and Elise Padilla were introduced by a mutual friend in 2004 and have been married since 2008. Together, they are raising two beautiful daughters and a menagerie of animals in the North Valley of Albuquerque, NM.


Ruben is a Firefighter Paramedic with Los Alamos Fire Department, where he has served for almost 15 years.  Elise has experience in mental health and owns her own business supporting non-profit leaders and entrepreneurs in career development and intuitive mentorship. Both Elise and Ruben have seen the need to protect and foster first responders and their families and have done their own work to ensure they have built their relationship on a firm foundation of faith, communication, compassion, and humor.


In their careers, they have seen the negative impacts of mental illness, trauma, and pressures unique to families of first responders and have a passion for sharing their experiences in supporting others.

Pat & Denise Ruiloba

Pat and Denise met in 1988 and were married in 1993. Pat has an extensive history in law enforcement working for over 30 years and currently working to keep NM schools safe. Denise has worked for Presbyterian Hospital for over 30 years.


Together, they have three children and two grandchildren and love spending time with them.


We have learned to value one another and continue to work together in our marriage.  We would enjoy sharing what we learned with other couples.

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