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Jackie has been a first responder for almost a decade and has seen firsthand the world's chaos. She has been medically diagnosed with several auto-immune disorders and knows how working 16+ hours a day can take its toll on your mental and physical self. Jackie's inspiration for getting involved in yoga "my body has taken its beatings, and now it is time to cherish my "temple." Jackie desires to want to help others to be able to decompress healthily. She's dedicated to helping all people, first responders, kids, her other fellow "spoonies," and anyone else who wants to better themselves through yoga.

Jackie attended a 200-hour registered yoga teacher training in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, with Inner Yoga. Inner Yoga offered a very insightful Vinyasa and Yin Yoga course. After successful completion of the yoga course, Jackie became a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. Recently she joined the Teams at Resilience Integrative Services & its sister program Allies For First Responders where she'll be working with the general public, people in trauma-based careers, as well as First Responders and their families.

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