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Kali Petties, AMFT Picture_edited.png

Kali Petties, AMFT

Kali was raised in Albuquerque and graduated from The University of Phoenix with a Bachelors in elementary education and a Masters in Family, Child and Marriage Counseling. She has been a classroom teacher for 20 years and is currently a high school special education teacher. Kali holds an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist counseling license and is perusing an LMFT. She specializes in working with adolescents, couples and families, but is fully qualified and enjoys working with all populations. My passion is helping individuals, families and couples rebuild their lives and relationships by overcoming struggles in life. Kali believes the relationship with clients is essential in assisting the individual in therapy to change his or her life for the better. She believes the therapeutic relationship is vital, as it is oftentimes the first setting in which the person receiving treatment shares intimate thoughts, beliefs, and emotions regarding the issue(s). Kali provides a safe, open, and non-judgmental atmosphere where you will feel comfortable. When she is not in the office or classroom you will find her with her husband and two children or at the gym.

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